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Starting an online store may be difficult, especially if someone or a company is attempting to establish a successful online store. It is, therefore, necessary to use an e-commerce platform for developing an online store such as Shopify.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an established commerce development platform that lets its users develop, expand, and manage online stores. The platform operates entirely on the cloud, thus making it cheap and easy for online store owners to maintain and upgrade their existing stores. Users can access the store anywhere with an internet connection and a computer.

The following are some key features of Shopify:

Shopify contains many tools and features needed to have a successful online store. The features help a store owner customize the storefront, shopping cart, manage stores, marketing, and managing the products. The key features are explained below:

  1. Storefront features and tools: Shopify contain more than seventy professional themes that a store owner can choose. It has a full blogging platform where blogs on different topics can be posted.
  2. Shopping cart: the platform provides users with more than 100 payment gateways to choose. It provides users with the option of accepting credit cards and automates carrier shipping rates.
  3. Store management: the platform allows store owners to manage their customers through features such as customer profiles, accounts, groups fulfillment centers, drop shipping, refunds, and email templates.
  4. Marketing and search engine optimization: Shopify provide its users with extensive marketing and SEO tools which include product reviews, discounts, SEO tools, a generated sitemap, social media integration mechanisms, and gift cards.
  5. Analytics features: Shopify contains various features for analyzing its customers, including google analytics, traffic and referral reports, products report analysis, and export reports.

Shopify is a very powerful electronic commerce development platform with the necessary features to establish a successful online store.

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Most retailers are troubled with deciding on the best electronic commerce development platform for building their store especially when they don’t have an e-commerce development background. Shopify is one of the development platforms that may be used by such retailers to create an online store. Shopify provides its users with numerous features and benefits that ensure their online stores becomes a success.

Some key facts about Shopify include:

  1. Shopify supports multiple languages, thus ensuring it operates in different countries globally.
  2. It contains more than one hundred payment gateways to provide online retailers and their customers to choose their most suitable payment options.
  3. It has more than a hundred professional themes which an online store owner can choose.
  4. It has integrating features for drop shippers for easy ordering and management of products.
  5. It offers 24/7 support to its users.
  6. Store owners can manage their stores with their phones.

Benefits of using Shopify for your online store.

  • It has in-built security features for your store

Shopify has spent more than seven hundred thousand dollars on hackers to find weaknesses in its system. It has continuously upgraded its security features to ensure that all its stored are entirely safe from hackers.

  • Shopify contains a wide range of marketing features

The platform includes a wide variety of features that online retailers can choose. The platform allows a person to create landing pages quickly and also generates code that is crawlable through the web for efficient search engine optimization.

  • Availability of a wide range of add-ons and extensions

The platform integrates different add-ons and extensions to enable users to manage their stores efficiently. It also allows developers to incorporate custom-built plugins and extensions for better management of stores. Users have the freedom to decide which extensions may be used in their stores.

  • Affordability

Shopify is a cloud platform meaning that its services are hosted. Users don’t need to worry about hosting and maintenance fees as it is handled by Shopify, which also offers 24/7 support. Store owners only need to pay for the monthly payments.

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An e-commerce store is vital for any small or medium business to ensure that customers can get maximum online retail experience. Such a business must capitalize on its e-commerce activities rather than building the online e-commerce store. Such businesses may use Magento to create their online stores with all the needed features to provide customers with a maximized experience.

Defining Magento

Magento is an open-source technology e-commerce system that provides online retailers with shopping stores with the freedom to control the functionality, look, and content of the store. It also contains store marketing management features, such as catalog management and search engine optimization tools.

The following are some essential features about Magento that you need to know:

  • Magento extension marketplace: Magento contains thousands of themes and extensions which are designed by more than four hundred developers from its opensource community to choose. It is developed with care to ensure that every extension is unique to maintain the highest standards of quality.
  • Business intelligence features: the technology contains highly optimized business intelligence tools and features to ensure that a business can control and manage data efficiently and also visualize the data. It connects various systems to bring data together automatically. Its n platform tools are highly optimized to turn the data into meaningful patterns and insights.
  • Management of orders: Magento makes it easy for store owners to manage their orders by enabling advanced management between supply and demand across distribution and sales channels. Retailers have more time focusing on delivering quality products to their customers instead of worrying about how to manage the orders.

Small and medium-sized businesses should concentrate on growing their customer base and increase their sales. Developing an online store with Magento may be a tricky task for such businesses especially if they don’t have background knowledge on Magento thus the need to get an expert in Magento for help in developing the store.

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Most small and medium companies are faced with several e-commerce platform development options to choose from when developing online stores. Magento is one of the options that a prospective online store retailer may use to create an online store. It is, therefore, necessary to evaluate the benefits of using Magento in developing an online store.

Essential facts on why small businesses should consider Magento:

  1. By 2018, Magento was driving $155B worth of gross merchandise volume.
  2. Online retailers who use Magento experience an average on triple growth faster than those using other technologies.
  3. By 2019, 200,000 stores were running on Magento.
  4. Magento has held the top spot on the internet retailer top 1000 list in four consecutive years.
  5. Magento takes the top spot in internet retailer business-to-business e-commerce 300 list.

Online retailers stand to get the following benefits when using Magento to create their online stores:

  • Limitless customizable options

Magento commerce technology provides online retailers with endless possibilities to customize their stores to fit the requirements on the retailers where they can evolve with the changing market needs needed by their stores.

  • Trusted brand

The usage statistics discussed previously clearly show that Magento is an established brand. More than 200, 000 stores run on Magento, thus showing that the platform is reliable.

  • Affordability

Magento operates on the cloud, thus ensuring that the costs related to maintenance, administration, and hosting of the store are eliminated by commerce solution. Businesses, therefore, have more time to concentrate on customer acquisition and satisfaction.

  • SEO friendliness

Magento is an SEO friendly platform that provides its users with a vast number of SEO tools which include a positioning layer, URL rewrites, description tools, tags, and an SEO friendly URL structure. These tools help a store rank higher on the search engine to help customers find the store quickly.

Any business considering to open an online store may use Magento to get the benefits described above.

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Tips On How To Get The Best Out Of Magento

Every online store owner creates their store intending to maximize profits on the store. The first step to having a successful store is using Magento to create the store. It is, however, vital to optimize the store to ensure that customers find it easy to locate and order items in the store. online store owners get the following benefits from optimizing their Magento stores:

  1. Gaining more customers: proper store optimization makes it easy to convert store visitors into customers. An adequately branded store with high-level usability helps in converting more visitors into customers than a store that has not been optimized.
  2. Lowering customer acquisition cost: a highly optimized store will convert more website visitors into customers, thus reducing the money needed to attract customers into the store.
  3. Increasing the website profits: when the store can gain more customers at fewer advertisement costs, the profits of the store are maximized.

Maximization tips

  • Image optimization

Online store owners should always use high-quality images to ensure high user engagement. It is, however, necessary to ensure that the images used are not heavy since they may reduce the load speed of the store. It is advisable to use lossless compression tools to minimize the size of the image.

  • Ensuring that the store is running on the latest Magento version

Its is necessary to run the latest version of Magento on the store to optimize all the features. This ensures that the security of the store is updated with issues existing in the previous version being fixed.

  • Disabling unused extensions and plugins

Any unnecessary plugins and extensions should be disabled for the store to load faster and reducing the number of items in the store’s interface.

  • Cache utilization

Magento contains various types of cache that a store may enable or disable. Some of the cache types include configuration, layout, translation, page, and integrations cache. Store owners should only allow cache types needed by them.

Magento store optimization may be a complicated process for Magento newbies.

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Voice search has increasingly become popular as most people feel that it is more convenient to explain what they need in a search through voice compared to typing. Analysis from Google shows that 55% of teens and 41% of adults use voice search daily with 20% of all mobile queries being done using voice. It is estimated that by 2020, 50% of all search and queries will be done on voice. The following are the main drivers to voice search gaining popularity:

1. Voice search is more convenient compared to typing since it’s easy to make queries by voice compared to typing.
2. According to Bing, Doing searches through voice is 3.7 times faster compared to typing.
3. Voice is convenient and perfect for mobile searches since it’s less convenient while typing in mobile phones. 

Voice search differs a lot compared to a general search that involves typing. Such is caused by voice search involving using speech to make queries online which eventually leads to the user having a conversation with the system compared to the regular search which involves typing short keywords describing the queries of the users. Voice search accommodates more details in the search compared to regular search. 

It is therefore essential to use specific search engine optimization for voice search, which is different from the SEO of regular search. Several points may be evaluated to ensure that voice search is optimized for rankings. Firstly, it is necessary to ensure that the website loads quickly since voice search favors sites that load quickly. It is, therefore, essential to ensure that files are compressed, images are optimized, and the website is responsive. Secondly,  It is necessary to ensure that content is optimized for web search where long tail keywords which make it sound more natural while talking as opposed to the short tail keywords that are used while typing. It is equally necessary to include the featured blocks of the content above the fold but under 29 words. Finally, it is necessary to concentrate on local searches as location-based content is mostly conducted using voice search.


Electronic commerce has become an essential method of shopping on the internet. Such has been caused by more people continuing to trust in the process of undertaking their shopping activities online, which leads to the increased popularity in e-commerce. This has led to more e-commerce sites experiencing increased sales with competition among various e-commerce sites and user-sale conversion being a significant factor in determining the number of transactions that a website makes. 

Use of chatbots in e-commerce helps e-commerce sites in managing the conversation between prospective customers of an e-commerce site, thus helping in converting the user into an actual customer of the website. A chatbots is a program that uses artificial intelligence to carry out conversations through textual and auditory methods. They are mostly used to offer customer information services, acquiring information from the customers and generating leads to the site that may be used in optimizing its user conversion to customers. The following are potential applications off chatbots in e-commerce:

1. Getting detailed answers and explanations of products on an e-commerce site.
2. It is helping in resolving issues and complaints that may arise during the purchase of a product.
3. Making reservations on orders
4. Getting ideas and inspirations for products that may be purchased.

There are several benefits that e-commerce sites get from using chatbots. These include saving time and cost that would have been used when a person would have taken during customer care.  Chatbots also play an essential role in converting site visitors to sales since they are readily available to provide customers with information on any inquiries. Such information is also analyzed by the chatbots to formulate meaningful insights to be used in concert more e-commerce sales. Other benefits include guiding the users on products and how to navigate through the site, providing 24-hour chatbots services, customer engagement, reduction of errors when customers are making orders thus ensuring that customers are satisfied after shopping in an e-commerce website. 



Progressive web apps have been changing the landscape of website development in recent years. Progressive web apps are mobile applications that are developed through the web using standard web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. They are essential in bridging the gap between mobile apps and websites and offer the best in which both platforms have to offer. 

Some of the features that a progressive web appshould have include reliability, speed, and engagement. These features are explained below:

1. The application is reliable meaning that it can provide interfaces to the users even with poor or no internet connection.
2. The application is fast that it loads instantly, thus providing smooth experiences to the users when they are loading their content. 
3. The application can provide an immersive user experience when it is engaging the user’s equivalent to what native applications can provide. 

As a developer, it is necessary to incorporate the web app manifest and service worker while developing a progressive web application. A web app manifest is a file that notifies the device on how the application should behave during installation and contains properties such as icons, displays, orientations, and background color. The service worker is an essential component on the progressive web applications as it helps in dictating how offline capabilities work. This is done through caching strategies such as cache only, cache and update, cache update and refresh, and embedded fallback. 

There are several advantages that accrue from using progressive web apps. Firstly, they can be used even when there is poor to no internet connection, thus making them reliable for users of such applications. Secondly, progressive web apps have improved performance compared to regular applications. There are no installation or updates required in progressive web apps as they are done over the web. Progressive web apps also use lessdata.


Software systems need interactive user interfaces to ensure that the users can stay long enough in the order until the goals intended by the system are achieved. This has led to the development of micro animations. It is necessary to spend more time developing animation for applications to ensure that they are relevant in modern browsers and mobile processors, which are better than previous versions. Such has led to the development of micro animations, which are functional animations that support users by providing them with visual feedback that displays changes. This ensures that the processes in the system are explained without displaying any word.

It is necessary to plan for the design of user interfaces that incorporate, micro interactions before implementing the user interface. Some of the processes that may be represented by micro interactions include the progressing stage in a system, a loading timer or clock, searching, enabling/disabling, muting volume and displaying a Wi-Fi loader. 

Features that make functional micro interactions include the triggers initiating the micro-interaction. Rules engaging the trigger are also vital in determining whether a micro interaction is good or not. Feedback letting the user know what is happening in the system is also an essential determiner of micro animations. Micro-interactions in loops and modes are also vital in determining the type of micro-interaction. 

While designing or implementing micro animation in a software application, it is necessary to keep the micro animations simple to ensure that users are not frustrated by any complexity. Since it may be hard to notice simple micro-interactions, it is essential to maintain consistency so that they become noticeable and appealing to the users of the system. It is also necessary to determine the purpose of the micro-interactions to ensure that unnecessary micro-interactions are not included in the application. It is equally important to test prototypes containing the micro-interactions on the users to get feedback on whether they are useful.